February 01, 2017

Resume of Primer Pagunuran

Judul: Resume of Primer Pagunuran
Penulis: Primer Pagunuran

Doctoral Student, UP-NCPAG and Consultant-on-Call, House of Representatives
Email: primerpagunuran@gmail.com  and nielsky_2003@yahoo.comEDUCATION:University of the Philippines - DilimanDoctor of Public Administration
National College of Public Administration and Governance
College Scholar: 1st Sem 2013-2014
College Scholar" 1st Sem 2014-2015
2015 Parangal sa Magaaral Award (Student Achiever Category):
Paper Presenter: "Critical Review of Pertinent Laws on Toll Facilities in the Philippines: Lessons in Public Policy" at the14th AAPA International Conference 2014 held at Mandarin Hotel, Cebu City
Paper Presenter: "Changing Political Order in Unchanging Societies: The Argument Against Global Politics" at the 3rd International Conference on ASEAN Connectivity held at Mahasarakham University, Thailand
Status: to take the compre exams upon completion of 30-unit academic coursework (2nd Sem 2014-2015)
Master of Public Administration (public policy and program administration)
National College of Public Administration and Governance
College Scholar: 2nd Sem 2009-2010
College Scholar: 1st Sem 2010-2011
University Scholar: 2nd Sem 2010-2011
2012 Parangal Sa Magaaral Award (University Scholar)
Graduated in June 5, 2013 (with CWA equivalent to magna cum laude)
Master of Arts in Philosophy
College of Arts & Sciences
College Scholar: 1st Sem 1980-1981
University Scholar: 2nd Sem 1980-1981
Candidate (1st Sem 1981-1982): Master's thesis draft titled, "Critical Analysis of Karl Popper's Theory of Falsifiability"
University of Santo Tomas – Espana, Manila
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Faculty of Arts and Letters. Graduated in March 26, 1977
Recognition Day Award(s): 1975 & 1976
Consultant-on-Call: Cong. Winston Castelo et al (other names upon request)
Consultant (July 2010-January 2014) Cong. Winston CasteloChief Political Affairs Officer, Salary Grade 26 (July 1998-November 2004):
Congressman Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado, Congressman Prospero Pichay, Congressman Augusto L. Syjuco, Jr., Congressman Arthur F. Celeste, and Congressman Manuel G. Andaya
Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II (Director 2-level), Sept 2006-July 2007) – Cong. Rene VelardeSenior Legislative Staff Officer (July 1992-July 1998) – Cong. Monfort, Cong. Jalosjos, and Congw. Starke
Head, Business Permits and Licensing Office – LGU Antipolo City (July 2007-January 2009)
Deputy Chief, City Legal Office (in charge of drafting IRRs of City Ordinances)
Instructor 1 (1st & 2nd Semesters, 1980-81): UST College of Architecture & Fine Arts (social science courses)
Philippine Navy Officer: Nov 1982-May 1992 (with Lieutenant Senior Grade as last promotable status)
Units and Positions Held:
 AFP Logistics Command: Secretary Logistics Staff (Head of Office); Chief, Public Information Office; Special Disbursing Officer
Ministry of National Defense: Protocol Officer and Appointment Secretary of the Minister of National DefenseHeadquarters Philippine Navy : Administrative Officer, Office of the Naval Personnel, N1
Headquarters Naval Defense Forces: Administrative Officer
Philippine Navy Offshore Positions Held: Mess & Supply Officer, Deck & Gunnery Officer, Acting Executive Officer
Career Service Professional (passed) and Career Service Sub-Professional (passed)
Resource Speaker
Forum on the Theme: "Business Permit, Maraming Reklamo, Ano nga ba BatayanNito?", sponsored by Federation of Homeowners Associations of Antipolo City, Inc.
Resource Speaker
"Division  Management Meeting for Private Elementary and Secondary School Owners and Administrators", sponsored by Dep Ed Region IV-A Division of Antipolo City
Blogs in Filipino Voices: One (1) Volume = 110 blogs
Op-Ed Articles (across newspapers): Two (2) Volumes
Paper Presenter to the forthcoming Inaugural Biennial Southeast Asian Studies Conference of the Consortium of Southeast Asian Studies in Asia to be held at Kyoto University, Japan on December 12-13, 2015. . Paper is titled, "Collaborative infrastructure: 'self-consciously' assessing state of preparedness"
Paper Presenter to the forthcoming Policy & Politics Annual Conference 2015 (Theme: "Democracy, Inequality and Power: Redefining Classic Concepts for the Twenty-First Century") to be held at Marriott Royal Hotel, Bristol on September 15-16, 2015. Paper is titled, "Benchmarking regulation: a comparative analytical understanding of regulatory capture"
Paper Presenter in the 3rd International Conference on ASEAN Connectivity (Theme: "Current Issues and Future Prospects towards ASEAN Community") held at Mahasarakham University, Thailand.  Paper is titled, "Changing Political Order in Unchanging Societies – the Argument Against Global Politics" (November 17, 2014).
Paper Presenter in the 14th Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) 2014 International Conference (Theme: "The Study and Practices of Public Administration in Asia and the Rest of the World: Trends, Nuances, and Challenges") held at Mandarin Hotel, Cebu City. Paper is entitled, "Critical Review of Pertinent Laws on Toll Facilities in the Philippines: Lessons in Public Policy"  (Feb 6-8, 2014)

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