January 16, 2017

Social Media: The Online Resume Argumentative Essay

Judul: Social Media: The Online Resume Argumentative Essay
Penulis: J. Recinos Machado

Social Media: The Online Resume
Argumentative Essay
Josué Recinos
Universidad Don Bosco
Writing & Composition II
Professor Antonio Campos
June 20, 2014
Social Media: The Online Resume
Recently, it can be noticed how immense is the volume of information that goes through social media's news feed and it was quite interesting to see all types of things, from silly jokes and funny pictures to personal achievements and work-related posts. After seeing all I saw, I realized that many people are blindfolded and upload or post multimedia content without knowing how it could affect them personally and professionally when it comes to getting a job, applying for scholarship or simply building a reputation. Since web 2.0 and social media started to change so rapidly and due the fact that now, we live in a technological and virtual era, the management of personal image through social media should be the number one priority for those who work or are studying a career.
Some opponents of managing personal image through internet would say that social media are merely websites where people can post any type of content they want in their profiles because there is where they go to socialize and enjoy their free time. Those activities might be part somehow of the mechanics of social media; however, the type of information and the importance of the content sent through internet can show how professional someone is. According to Madasu (2013), "The importance of social sites has grown due to the advantages to both individuals and other entities. For individuals, these sites offer the opportunity to better network with others all over the world and organize their social life" (p. 73). In making this comment, Madasu points out the world-wide range of social media and how it could improve social life in general. In other words, since people judge and classify other people by the relevance of the content in their profiles, people should manage more carefully their news feed. Thus, are people's social networks competitive enough to show the world how good they are?
Some other people claim that all the content published is just seen by family and friends and that there is no need to keep a neat personal image and brand it through social websites like businesses do. This is a common mistake that is made quite often. A clear example, like Meehan and Brennan (2013) wrote is that, "94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts; 78% of recruiters have made a hire through social media" (p. 6). The authors are corroborating that entities such as businesses, government institutions, and others have access to people's information and that it is possible to get a job within the social media context. The massive effect that online profiles in social networks have in our life it's too much to ignore it, for that reason, people had better clean up their social media and reinvent it in order to show everyone the skills they have.
Finally, some people might disagree that there are compelling similarities between corporate image and personal branding through social media websites. The information contained in it spreads really fast due to a phenomenon called eWOM (Electronic Word Of Mouth); this term is defined by Madasu (2013) as a "positive or negative statement made by potential, actual, and former customer about a product or a company via Internet" (p. 74). This phenomenon is passing through social networking, meaning that population within it, is being constantly rated by its credentials, references, and experience. According to Arruda (2013), "Expressing the corporate image is not just for the CEO anymore. Individual employees will be the spokespeople for their companies" (p. 3). With this comment, Arruda reaffirms that all the tools that the internet and social media provides can and should be used more. Personal image can be improved with the use of social media because of all of its advantages that let someone's career grow in reputation and credibility.
To sum it all up, personal image on the internet and branding it through social media is a trend that is being taken into consideration by students and professionals in order to increase the chance of shining among others. If people had a neat profile with all its information correctly organized, just by doing that, the chances of success in the social media world would increase substantially. And one more thing, how long people have to wait? We live in a fast world, if people do not pitch in, they will be left behind.
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