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The Information Audit Principles and Gudlines by Hanneri Botha and J.A Boon : A Resume

Judul: The Information Audit Principles and Gudlines by Hanneri Botha and J.A Boon : A Resume
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The Information Audit Principles and Gudlines by Hanneri Botha and J.A Boon : A Resume
By Gamella Eka Putri; Mhd. Ansyari Tantawi; Rian Ristiyanti
Information Audit class CInformation Audit
Information Audit is a systematic examination of information resources, information use, information flow and management in organization. Purpose of information audit is find a point which meet the information need with relevant available information. not only it. Information audit build and solve to find, use, and in broader scope make decision to information that available and unavailable in organization or personal.
Benefit of Information Audit
Researcher are determined benefit of information audit namely validity, diagnostic, feedback, information and training benefit. These benefit is going explain below
Validity benefit. Information audit researcher audit information needs, management, and information flow in organization carefully. As a result of it, people in organization have to know their information need that have relation with organization affair. In other word they know valid and accurate status about need, management and flow of resource in their organization. Base of that, planing and management of organization will be improve to better quality, furthermore the improving which to do follow valid, relevant and accurate information readily available from information audit.
Diagnostic benefit. Diagnostic benefit is the majority characteristic of information audit. Diagnostic of information in organization identified both elements in organization, that is strong point and weak point. As a result information audit find a gap between both element. After this. Information audit can resolve this problem with bulid on the strong point and eliminate the weak point.
Feedback benefit. Information audit determine what information inputs deliver the desire information outcome. Therby, information audit provides information which can used to plan and implement action correctively.
Information benefit. Performing and result of information audit help staff or member of organization pay his or her attention for the value and the benefit of the use infotmation in his/her organization. It make the people of organization use information more effective to corrective action.
Training benefit. Information audit usually involve the member and staff of organization. The involving teach members or staffs about information audit and its element in provide, analysis and diagnostic of information. After this staff of organization have knowledge about value, benefit, and usage information effectively.
Role of Information Audit in Information Management Proccess
Information audiet have important rule ini human life. In this era, increasingly of information make the awarness about the important of information management raise up. Researcher make level to differ contribution of information audit in management process. There 4 level management process
Information audit in personal information management make personal know about use information and can find information which they need. People who find information and use it able to make decision whether their information have adding value aor not, as a resutl the can choose information that be disposed or archived. In personal information management audit information can used to make decision to choose which protected information or not. And all process of information audit promote it self.
Information audit identification of information needs and than generate list of information type which needed. This is more effectively and cheaper than without information audit. After status of information need and what types of information have been knowed, so information audit help to make developed of information relevan to the users.
Information audit developed information technology infrastructure after evaluate technology infrastructure which aid information management. Information audit determine of the value and cost information, in this case. Information audit suggest to manager about information value and cost of information. Information with its value and cost will be used in organization to implement their program is based that information. Coordination with information auditor is needed in this level. Auditor of information helps manager to make information policy in organization.
Information which have collected by organization emerge organization has a system to organiza the information. Based on data of information audit manager and team able to make effective and corrective system easily.
Information audit helps to formulate the organizational information policy. This formulation based on result of information audit. Formulation that finished and have applied in organizational life can effect financial management. This case is occured because result of information audit make system of choosing information, organize information effectively. It decrase cost to get information as support life of organization. Information audit is continuum. Organization audit its information periodicaly because developing of organization activities and scope appear new needs of information.
Five Approach of Information Audit
Cost – benefit. This approach compared all source if information depend on how much cost to get it and haw much the benefit.
Geographical. In georaphical information audit researche make map which plotting element – element (such as information needs, information type, information types). Its used to identify major mayor elements of systems and map them in relation each other.
Hybrid. Hybrid approach is researcher used more than one approach in audit the information.
Management information, this approach used managemetn paradigm to audit of information
Operational advisory methodologies. This approach check efficiency and effectively of source information used. And how system of information support organization.
Resumed from Botha, Haneri and J. A. Boon. 2003. 'The Information Audit: Priciples and Guidlines'. Libri vol. 53. P 23-26.

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