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Resume Tips -Hobbies and Interests

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Resume Tips - Hobbies and Interests
Your interests and hobbies give an insight into your character and personality. This is how an employer can identify whether you will be a good fit for their organization and the existing team.
Be genuine and honest in listing your interests. Don't try to design your interests or hobbies to suit an employer. You want to know that an employer has hired you because you truly are the best candidate for the job and the best fit for their organization at that time.
An IT Recruitment Manager acknowledges, "All good resumes have one thing in common: they make me want to meet the applicant in person." She says that she pays avid attention to the list of hobbies and interests when considering how suitable an applicant would be for her company. Don't neglect this area – you will probably be asked about this in interviews too.
If you are applying for a job that requires a great deal of teamwork, it would benefit you to list hobbies or interests that involve a group of people, such as being part of a rowing club, basketball or other team sports, volunteering for a cultural festival or being part of an amateur drama club.
If your job is primarily an autonomous role, where you spend the majority of your time working on solo projects, it may benefit you to focus on hobbies that reflect your ability to work peacefully and effectively alone, such as reading, writing fiction, studying astronomy, kayaking, abseiling or reviewing cinema for a local magazine.
Resume Tips - Achievements and Awards
List your achievements chronologically.
As with listing your professional achievements, remember that it is advisable to provide evidence to support your claims where possible.
Remember, also, that you don't need trophies or medals to prove that your achievements are both valuable and pertinent to your strength as a candidate.
Employers can assess how suitable a fit you are for their company by viewing your interests and hobbies. They will also be looking through your personal achievements as a guide to how you might fit in with their existing staff and the workplace culture. It is recommended that you study their website and research your targeted employer or industry prior to listing achievements and interests so that you can keep these in mind when choosing what is relevant and in what order to list interests and achievements.
Notable personal achievements may include:
Training for and competing in the Example Triathlon series 2008 and 2009
Having my illustrations published in monthly local arts magazine, Create: April, June and December 2009 editions
Completed an internship with public relations company where I was responsible for assisting with the Fashion Week campaign digital promotions
Qualified as a yoga instructor and teach casual classes 2 evenings a week
Volunteered as a supervisor on school camp for a week
There is no need to list any more than 10 notable achievements and think carefully about what message these achievements give to potential employers. Consider the significance of the achievements to your target employer and industry and the image you want to present.
Resume Tips - Career Objective
Sell yourself to the employer in a maximum of two paragraphs. It will take time to craft an objective that really works for you so put some effort and thought into what you write. This is where you prove to your employer that you are clear about your career goals.
Focus on the strengths and experience you have. For example, "I am seeking a management position where I can effectively utilise my expertise in human relations, project management, and staff recruitment and retention. You can expand on this expertise and experience later.
Give evidence that you are familiar with the industry and the expectations of the sort of company you wish to work for. Perhaps you have experience as a journalist and you are seeking a public relations position. "As a journalist with 2 years experience in a busy newsroom, I have extensive media industry contacts and these relationships will be highly beneficial in delivering effective public relations campaigns."
Rather than state what you want from the employer, focus on the employer's needs. A well-written objective convinces the employer you have what it takes to do the job. Convince the employer you can add value to the company's business.
Are training and development opportunities important to you? Show an employer that you are flexible with developing new skills and prepared to take on challenges and pursue a long-term career with their company.
Try to sum up your objective in two paragraphs at most. Ask a trusted mentor or friend to look over your statement to make sure your objectives and wording are clear and strong.
Short and long term goals can be stated succinctly, as in this statement: "My short term goals are to work in various facets of the travel and tourism industry to increase my skills base in preparation for my longer term goal, which is to own and manage my own travel business." A graphic designer might state: "I aim to use my hand drawing and digital design skills to enhance a number of in-house design projects with the intention to move into brand management and corporate identity management in the future." A retail manager will have a different set of objectives again. Perhaps s/he might write: "My intention is to enhance profitability and staff morale as a store manager in the local branch, with the prospective of advancing to sales management with the Victorian branch in the future."
Resume Skills Examples
strong communication skills
excellent ability to adapt to difficult situations
detail oriented
capable problem solver
speak foreign languages
proficient at excel
good organizational skills
working knowledge of visual basic
time and project management
leadership skills

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